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Are the product images on the website the same as the actual colors and patterns? ?

The color of the product may differ from the actual color of the product depending on the manufacturer, model, screen settings, etc. of the computer monitor you are using. Please also note that there may be differences in the pattern etc. depending on how each part is cut out of the material, such as plastic material.

Is it possible to return the item?

With the exception of some products, products that require processing such as lenses after ordering are treated as made-to-order items and cannot be returned. If you have any other questions, please contact us viaCONTACT .

In what condition will the lenses I purchased with the frame arrive?

If you order it together with a frame, it will be processed and delivered attached to the frame.

Please tell me about the payment method

For more information on payment methods, see Shopify Payment Methods.


How much is the shipping cost?

With the exception of some products, orders with a total purchase amount of 10,000 yen (tax included) or more will be delivered free of charge.

ariate color

Based on the idea that "tone comes from tone color, skin tone also changes", we use tone as the criterion for selecting colored lenses.

A unified standard for domestic lens manufacturers that aims to create colored lenses that look beautiful on Japanese skin regardless of gender and make the skin look healthy, even though each person has a different skin tone.

breeze blue

The clear blue color expresses a relaxed identity.

breeze green

Enjoy the refreshing greenery with its artistic charm.

breeze navy

A chic greyish blue for a luxurious time.


calm copper color

Beautiful brown color that will impress you.

fair brown

An invitation to the literary world. Captivate your eyes with shadow brown.

fair marron

Let's experience a comfortable world with warm brown.

fair ocre

Enjoy the beautiful scenery with its impressive natural brown color.


Bring the deep green of the forest into your field of vision.

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glow bordeaux

The charm of baptized wine rosé that evokes passionate feelings.

glow orange

A healthy orange that inspires an adventurous spirit.

glow plum

Feel the blissful warmth of grayish red.


Imagine welcoming a chic shade of gray around your eyes.

sparky pink

Stimulate your senses with cool pink.

sparky yellow

Accept the challenge and jump into active yellow.

true gray

Do you already know the normal gray that makes everything possible?

true purple

Purple that coexists with pop and elegance.

true violet

An elegant violet that brings out the subconscious.